Weight Management/Binge/Emotional Eating

Maybe you’ve tried diets or commercial programs.  Maybe you’ve met with a dietician or consulted with your physician.  Whether you’re seeking help with weight management and/or binge eating, we will take a close look at your eating patterns, activity level, and areas of stress in your life.  Together we will create and implement an eating plan and activity strategy that fit into your lifestyle.  We will identify strengths you already possess and gain awareness of high risk situations, feelings, and triggers that interfere with you accomplishing your goals.
One main component of our work will be developing a new way of focusing on the behaviors you wish to change or attain.  By using current cognitive-behavioral strategies, we will track behavioral patterns and make a plan to maximize your ability to reach your goals.  We will identify or create a support system to help you with the challenges you face. 
Meeting with someone with a strong background in this field may prove to be new and beneficial to you and may help you with the goal of permanent life-style change.